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Precious Plastic

Open source machines, tools and infrastructures to fight plastic pollution from the bottom up. For free. Forum. A place to meet & help each other. Let people near you know you're ready to start collaborating and fight plastic pollution!

Micromatic CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machines - Master Abrasives

3-D modelling Solid Works software is used for development of new products to give faster & better grinding solutions by inhouse The Quality and performance of MGT machines have earned the respect of national and international users. Our machines are .. ex

IndustryArena Forum

CNC-Arena - The ultimate Forum in cnc-tech. GRINDING. Talk about the finishing process . USED MACHINES. The Marketplace for USED Machines and Equipment Discuss safety related issues about machines and materials.

Sage grinders - are they really that bad? - Sage Forum - Coffee

1 Apr 2017 So - I bought a very lightly used second hand Sage Smart Grinder Pro (with the screen on). I've been using . People on this forum tend to make the best coffee they can with the equipment they can afford. What is mediocre to

CNC grinding machine helps robotics application get in gear

19 Jun 2019 When the Taiwanese machine tool company Chien Wei Precise Technology needed CNC grinding machines for manufacturing specialist gears used in robotics. Top global problem solving EE forum covering Microcontrollers, DSP, Networking, Analog and Digit

Grinding machines and filtration systems: JUNKER Group

From crankshafts to thread taps – JUNKER high-speed grinding machines are found wherever ultra-precise Industrial air filters from LTA are used as original equipment in machine tools, for retrofitting existing machines and also as central

Rant Benchtop surface grinder, why are there none on the market

Surface grinders are meant to be high accuracy machines and any vibration in the machine will translate to poor I suppose a small vertical milling machine could be used in that manner too as a grinder running at 3,500 rpm, but with constant

Walter CNC Grinders - CNCZone

Do you have a website I can go on and look at the used WALTER GRINDERS and used parts that you have for them ??? Where in Pennsylvania are you And a video of the same machine on youtube [ame=" /watch?v=m6ItKSxkTyo"]youtube[/ame] . s

Grinders|Machines|Accessories - Coffee Forums UK

19 May 2019 Discuss your Grinder|Machine(s) and review essential Accessories. Espresso machine suggestion for a small office. By GregAC, 22 hours ago. 9 replies; 111 Worth getting a second hand De'Longhi for the milk steamer? By Doodlegame

Stump Grinding LawnSite

1 Nov 2016 This size machine can be very efficient on stumps up to about 18" diameter. It can handle larger, but the efficiency suffers, as do your profits. Used ones can be found, but usually need lots of costly repair. Stump grinders

Surface Grinder - Homemade surface grinder adapted from a bench

Home made Surface grinder - Page 2 - The Knife Network Forums : Knife Making Discussions Surface Grinder - Homemade surface grinder used as an all-in-one sharpening center Surface Grinders are machines that can make a surface of a part very flat, very smooth

Largest Manufacturing Technology Forum on the Web - Practical

20 Nov 2017 It seems to get used every time I go out there, and has paid for itself several times over in less than a year. Not a hard trick when it SCT Rectangular Magnetic Chuck 35 x 15 mm x 48 mm Milling Machine etc Grinding eBay.

DIY Surface Grinder For Making Precision Parts At Home Hackaday

13 Mar 2015 Surface Grinders are machines that can make a surface of a part very flat, very smooth and very parallel to the face of the part that is A magnetic chuck mounted to the mills bed is used to hold down metal work pieces.

Forums -

Grinders are one of the keys to exceptional espresso. Discuss them here. Home Roasting Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee. by Elliot. Buy/Sell Used espresso or coffee stuff you hope to sell or buy.

United Grinding Free Grinding Seminar at IMS! - General News

At this free event, you'll experience the flexible STUDER S33 grinding machine in action, participate in individual Answers to Your Grinding Errors at the Open Forum Seminar - "Solutions to Grinding Errors"; Obtain Automation Ideas for your

Whatever direction your grinding takes you - Grinding & Surface

9 Apr 2018 Grinding & Surface Finishing is a controlled circulation magazine, available free to selected . Supplying New & Used Machines since 1951. Quality Machines the SurfaceTechnology Forum (bilingual,. German/English).

Which Is The Best Grinder/Melanger To Buy?? - Food Maven

If you plan on making chocolate for a living, then I would strongly suggest that you purchase a machine that is designed to make . ECGC-12SLTA both seem very similar but I think the spectra is cheaper for some reason, but doesn't come with warranty if used for

What coffee grind is best for pour over Bean Box

Coffee grinding tips for a pour over: Chemex and drippers. Get your coffee Our Experts. The Perfect Cup Coffee Forum; What coffee grind is best for pour over? If the grind is too fine in a French Press, you'll over extract the coffee which will produce a

Homemade Angle Grinder Holder - YouTube

25 Sep 2015 Get more from your angle grinder whit this holder. More info: Where to get some materials and

Homemade Tool & Cutter grinder (with a difference

DC motors have their speed controlled by the applied voltage, for initial testing I simply used a Variac (a variable voltage auto-transformer). It was an ideal platform on which to mount the grinding head to make a capable T&C grinding machine. The mill was d

Why Finding the Right Grinder can Make a Difference Concrete

3 Dec 2016 There's a grinder/polisher model available for just about every task, whether it's prepping the floor of a big-box Most people associate grinders with concrete polishing, but the right machine can be used for anything from removing Jones

Machining / grinding brass - Machines & Machining engineering

Hello, I'm new to this forum, so please forgive me if I made any mistakes in posting wrongly. To start off I have seen nondiamond abrasive wheels used in a surface grinder to put a flat finish on the edges of aluminum bars.

Recent Posts - Coffee Forum

Hi DrD yep, I used to grind straight from the freezer but I found I was needing to clean my grinder much more often thanks to the He is especially interested in the coffee machine and I have to keep him out of cup storage area all the time! 4

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